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5 Things We Need To Normalise At Nigerian Weddings (See Below)



If you are planning to get married soon or you know a couple who has plans to, do them a favour by sending this to them. Nigerian weddings need to have a revamp.

1. Asking people to wear what they want.

In other words, ditch the aso ebi completely. Just give people a colour and let them wear their own thing. Don’t start an aso ebi franchise on top of a wedding ceremony.

2. Grooms men picking money.

Please and please, normalise groomsmen picking money. It should not be the work of the bridesmaids alone. Both of them have two hands, and what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

3. Couple eating proper food at the reception.

And we mean proper food. Not just a bite of cake, after which they will sit down and stare at the guests devouring food while they languish in hunger.

4. Couple leaving guests at reception to go have some quality time.

Body is not firewood, please. Normalise couples leaving their guests alone so they (the couple) can have quality time together.

5. Normalise grooms men catching the bouquet.

Let men hustle for their own romantic futures too.

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