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“Wonders Shall Never End”-See Pictures Of A Church You Will Not Believe Actually Exist



A Church is building used for public Christian worship. It can also be a place where people seek rescue or refuge in cause of need.

Below are pictures of a church you won’t believe exist. The church is known as the Luminant church. It originated from the United States Of America. The church is said to have spread so fast in Europe, Asia and its now found in some of African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa.

The people that pray in this church are reportedly really cool and they believe that they are praying to the real God and have this really nice habit of helping the poor.

The church is believed to have recruited quite a huge number of members ever since it was formed, majority of them being youths and school going kids who wear a necklace just like catholics as a sign of recognition.

Below are some of the photos of the church from the entrance to how it looks inside.