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Women, Be careful Of Whom You Choose As Your Bridesmaid. See For Your Eyes only.



In today’s world, we see marriage as a priority, if you are living in a society and you are of age to marry and you are not yet married, you become a laughing stock. Especially, women who are of age and not married have a big problem in the society they find them. The trauma they go through is nothing to call home about.

African marriages go along with wedding after the traditional marriage usually. If there is enough money and preparation goes on well. They do the wedding right after the traditional marriage, if they had not prepared, the wedding has to wait.

Brides normally have to get bridesmaids to follow them on the wedding day. We most at times see bridesmaids taken advantage of the groom any time there is photo-shoot after the wedding.

We spotted a photo of a wedding photo-shoot whereby one of bridesmaids had put her knee on the lap of the groom, whiles the brides stand somewhere else. If it is not the advice of the photographer, then this is very wrong for the bridesmaid to do that.

Check out the photos for yourself.

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