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Where Is Madam Philomena? 2 Years After She Said Snake Swallowed N36 Million From Jamb Office



2 years ago, something bizarre happened in Nigeria. Its really one of the funny and absurd moment in Nigeria as a clerk told Nigeria that a snake swallow a huge amount of money approximately 36 Million Naira.

Philomena Chieshe is a clerk working for the Nigeria examination board with collect exam fees. She work for a man called Mr Samuel Umoru who was finally discovered to be the snake in the statement of Chieshe.

According to reports and investigations, Chieshe finally confessed that it was her boss, Samuel Umoru who withdrew all the money in piecemeal.

It was reported that his boss, Samuel was the one who withdrew the money for his own personal use even after she warned him about using the Jamb money for himself. According to investigation, every branch in the state was expected to remit a total of 124.1 Million Naira after selling 124,180 at N1000 each.

However, the office was only able to remit N88.7 million falling short of N35.4 Millions which made them to probe the clerk, and she finally revealed that it was Mr Umoru that embezzled the money.
Now, Where is both Chiesha and Mr Umoru?

The two culprits are currently facing legal charges since 2018, and as of right now the last thing that was heard of the two culprits was that their case was been adjourned in March to June, 2020. However since then, nothing has been heard of them till date.

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