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What A World!: See Abominable Thing a Pastor Is Doing to a Women in Church -[WATCH VIDEO]



There is viral video online in which a pastor was seen shaving the private part of women in church.

The video, however, caused mixed reactions from all walks of life as most expressed their disappointment at the pastor’s behavior.

Many have apportioned blames on the lady for allowing such act to take place and concluded she does not read her bible very well.

He told the women to remove their panties by themselves because he doesn’t want anyone to say he is removing women [email protected] in church.

He said he will bath them later on. The pastor said that many people will say what he is doing is not from God and he asked if it’s not from God then is it from their mother? .

The pastor later ordered all members of the congregation to bring their phones forward.

Watch the video below and drop your comment if you have any.