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Moment a bank manager was shot dead after being caught sleeping with another man’s wife (graphic video)



A video making rounds online showed moment Ivan Kituuka, the manager of Housing Finance bank (a Ugandan commercial bank) was shot dead in cold blood. Ivan was shot dead by the distraught husband of the lady he was allegedly sleeping with. Prior to him being murdered, the lady’s husband identified as Mr Ssozi had allegedly written a letter to him, telling him to stay away from his wife (if you missed the story, read here) Ssozi clearly stated in the letter that he will shoot Ivan Kituuka in the head since he has refused to stop sleeping with his wife named Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi. According to him no going back on his decision to shoot Ivan with at least two bullets.

Ssozi has since fulfilled his threat as a video of the bank manager being shot dead by a group of men has gone viral. He also released a video of Ivan allegedly sleeping with his wife. Watch the video below. OFFICE ROMANCE! Man threats @housingfinanceU boss: I’ll shatter your head in 72Hrs for fucking my wifeA one Ssozi, in a petition, says Ivan Kituuka, Senior Manager Branch Performance & Customer Experience, has brought down his marriage.