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UNCOVERED! These States Have The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In Nigeria, Number 7 Will Shock You



Sometimes, it feels like saying Prostitution is illegal is just Africans living in denial of its actual existence. Prostitutes are everywhere and they have been no strict measures to clear off the roads.

Of the 36 states in Nigeria, there are seven states that have the highest number of prostitutes and one can say that in these places, the Prostitution business is selling out really fast. For the record, this list is in no particular order.

Let’s start with Lagos State where there is a high influx of prostitutes. Well, the reason is understandable as Lagos is Nigeria’s business hub with lots of industries there. Also important for the prostitution business, there are men with fancy cars and big hotels in Lagos. There are also a lot of lavish spenders who patronize clubs, bars and hotels. To be candid, Lagos seems like a good spot to have a lucrative business for Prostitutes.


Then Edo State where prostitution can be said to be a way of life for them. It is most common in most state’s capital, Benin. As a matter of fact, Prostitution is Edo state has been taken to a whole new height where their ladies are taken to other countries like Italy, South Africa to promote the immoral act. You will hardly find a household in Edo state that doesn’t have a representative abroad which other members depend on. This is probably attributed to the belief that Edo men are women are exceptionally good in bed.

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There is also quite a number in Abuja. Well, Abuja is a city populated with high-class people, so it is understandable. The city is filled with wealthy, pompous young men and politicians. In fact, it is safe to say that money is not the problem of Nigeria’s capital city, the problem is probably how to spend it. Here, the s*x workers demand high pay as it is the big girl’s city.

Enugu isn’t left out. Here, there are several hotels in different areas and prices. All the ladies need to do is to stay in front of these hotels to get the attention of men.

And then, Ogun State that is known for the abode of yahoo boys. It is actually a thing for yahoo boys to carry prostitutes, so it’s like a win-win business for them. This is probably a reason for the increasing number of prostitutes in the state.

In Delta State, there are quite a number of prostitutes there and there are specific towns like Oghara, Sapele, and Warri which are regarded as the headquarters of prostitution in Delta State.

And finally, there is Kaduna which is the only Hausa state on this list. It is a little surprising, but if you visit Kaduna, you will have a better understanding of this. There are girls here whose major businesses are Prostitution.

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There is just one reality in all of these and it is a fact that Prostitutes are everywhere and really, it would be almost impossible to take them off the streets.