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UK Diplomat Expresses Shock At President Buhari’s Speech



A UK Diplomat, Adam Bradford expresses his shock at President Buhari speech on EndSARS.

Adam Bradford took to Twitter this Thursday to state his concerns of President Buhari’s long awaited speech to citizens & protesters on #EndSARS demands that took a shift to celebrating Poverty Alleviation.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari made a lengthy thorough speech addressing the actions, turmoils and trauma of Nigerians as well as the state of the nation from the EndSARS protest, reform plans and revealing his successful prospect for the youth.

In the early paragraph of speech, he stated that the demands of the youths of EndSARS protest has been met moreover, lives have been lost and accused the lack of coordination of the protesters who are expressing their human rights led to misconducts. He emphasized his sadness by the inconveniences it has cost. Later, In the next paragraph, he deviated from the main subject to stating the attributes of his government.

That they have put in place measures and initiatives to elevate 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years, which is the creation of N75 billion youth investment fund as an opportunity for youths and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises survival fund. He also thanked and warned foreign nations who expressed concerns in the nation’s affairs that they must seek to know all facts before responding and taking position.

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Due to that, Adam made his observations on the speech saying “I must be one of those international observers who hastily made a pronouncement. How did a conversation about #EndSARS turn into a celebration about poverty alleviation?

He added that he thinks it time for the president to have his rest and hopes everyone around the world, who listened and watch the speech to holds him accountable to his words this day.

He also expressed his surprise at Buhari’s obliviousness on the shooting of protesters at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos State. He advised Nigerian youths to seize the world with both hands, because “the world is yours” and that youths should continue to harness their strength.

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