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Three Onion Bulbs, Mix With A Bottle Of Honey And Drink Twice A Day To Cure This Disease



Today we will be talking about some health benefits of Onion and Honey.

Also i will be showing you how you can use both (mixed together) to stop Eye problem.

Below are some health benefits of Onions

1. Onions are packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, which means they are low in calories.

2. Onions contains antioxidants that fights inflammation and reduce cholesterol level in the body.

3. Onions May Benefit The Heart

4. Research shows that vegetables like onions may have a protective effect against certain cancers.

5. It helps in controlling of blood sugar level.

Health Benefits Of Honey

1. Honey contains Antioxidants which can help lower blood pressure.

2. Honey helps in improvement of cholesterol for people with low level.

3. Honey can lower blood triglycerides which is a risk factor for heart disease.

4. Honey heals wounds and burns faster (when you apply it into the surface)

5. Honey Can Help Suppress Coughs in Children.

For Eye Problem

If you have any kind of eye problem such as apolo or Maybe you can’t see far or near objects, Get two or three bulb of onions, grind and mix With one bottle of original Honey.