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The Reason Why Other Tribes Don’t Want Biafra



To all Igbo people that may read this, I want you all to read carefully.

If you have observed, whenever Igbos talk about freedom to have a country of their own called Biafra, other Nigerian tribes tremble with fear.

If you aren’t in the know, you will think it’s because they hate Igbo, but from years of careful research, I have come to realize that other tribes hate to hear Biafra not because they hate Igbo people but because they are afraid of living with the Fulani/Hausa dominator without the Igbo people to help them reduce the Hausa/Fulani dominance and extremism.

Have you ever imagined what it would look like for the Yorubas if they‎ are in one country with Hausa/Fulani without the Igbos in it? It’s definitely going to be a hell for the Yorubas. This is one major reason late Obafemi Awolowo said in 1966 and I quote: “if Igbo people secede from Nigeria, Yoruba will have no other option than to secede too”

When the Hausa/Fulani political elites heard this statement, they trembled, knowing too well that they are finished as a region should Igbos and Yorubas agree to peacefully secede from Nigeria, so they looked for a way to disunite the Igbos and the Yorubas by offering late Obafemi Awolowo a political appointment as a minister of finance and in fact, general overseer of the Nigerian economy, and Awolowo had no other option than to back out of the agenda of leading Yorubas to secede from Nigeria with Biafra.

Of course this was the beginning of the political hatred between the Igbos and the Yorubas, because after Awolowo took that political offer and dropped his Yoruba secession agenda, the Igbos saw it as a betrayal of agreement even though there was no formal agreement between the two regions on secession from Nigeria, but somehow, it was a betrayal of trust because Ojukwu thought it was going to be a peaceful secession whereby Biafra and Oduduwa would secede from Nigeria peacefully without war, but Awolowo’s backing out from the secession agenda turned everything bloody for the Biafrans that were not prepared for war such that they had no option than to fight back when Gowon led federal government declared military action to bring back the seceding region of Biafra to Nigeria as backed by the colonial masters, Britain.

Igbos should stop believing that Yorubas or other Nigerian tribes hate them….the only tribe that has proven not to like the Igbos is the Hausa/Fulani, and it’s not really because of any other reason but religion.

Hausa/Fulani Christians don’t show much dislike for Igbos like the Hausa/Fulani Muslims.

Most riots and violence in the north that claimed the lives and properties of Igbo people living in the north are always religious-inspired even though they come as political; but the northern politicians always use the religious psyche to inspire their youths to wage war against Igbos because to Hausa/Fulani, Igbos are a representation of Christianity in Nigeria; being the only Nigerian tribe homogeneously practicing one religion – Christianity.

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Yorubas ar‎e very tactical in Nigerian national politics; they play it with utmost wisdom and tactics and that has been the reason they have succeeded in being at the helm of affairs of Nigerian national leadership.

Yorubas love Igbos more than they love Hausa/Fulani.

How many Yoruba men are‎ married to Fulani or Hausa women

How many Fulani men are married to Yoruba women‎

You can count thousands of Igbo men happily married to Yoruba women, same way you can count thousands of Yoruba men married to Igbo women.

Despite the fact that a very large population of Yorubas practice the same religion with Hausa/Fulani – Islam, we still don’t witness so many marriages between Fulani Muslims and Yoruba Muslims, which shows how stiff their relationship is, but when it comes to politics, this two tribes; Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba unite together for their mutual benefits while the Igbos keep fighting lone battle.

I think one thing Igbos should stop is thinking and believing that other tribes hate them…its high time Igbos stop that negative mentality and instead find ways to romance other tribes into helping them achieve their national interest and not by using the ‘they hate. Us’ line that has failed severally.

No nation, no region, no people can survive without allies. If not for American allies, other European countries would have suffered under Germany aggression. As mighty as UK, France and USSR were, Germany threatened their existence and almost won them if not for US intervention.

If truly Igbos have made up their mind to secede peacefully from Nigeria to form Biafra, then it’s high time they understand that they need foreign allies more than they need themselves.

Gone are the days you get freedom through the barrels of gun, nowadays, dialogue and international politics is the only way out.

Of course you don’t expect any sensible human being to just wake up one day and throw the spoon that has fed him for years away without regrets, so Igbos should not expect Yorubas and Hausa/Fulani plus other minor tribes to be happy with their Biafra agitation, and neither should Igbos expect other tribes to assist them get Biafra.

Only United Nations can grant any country freedom, and only UK and United States can push that wonder button…so no matter how hard Igbos fight, they can’t get Biafra until UK, US, France and Russia orders UN to grant Biafra freedom from Nigeria.

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And before Igbos destroy themselves, let me ask: do they have trustworthy leaders in Igbo land? Who are the people in Igbo land that can lead the Igbo nation to achieve the dreams the Igbo youths have in Biafra

Is it Orji Uzor Kalu

Rochas Okorocha

Peter Obi

Chris Ngige

Hope Uzodimma

Ikedi Ohakim

Ken Nnamani

Pius Anyim

Prof. Maurice Iwu‎

Ogbonnaya Onu

All these people can never be trusted! Gone are the days Igbos have respected, upright and honorable leaders, in the likes of late Ikemba Ojukwu, Emeka Anya Oku (old), late Prof. Chinua Achebe, late Onunaka Mbakwe, late Michael Okpara, late Alvan Ikoku, late Okadigbo, Alex Ekwueme (old), Nwafor. Orizu, late Prof. Dora Akunyili, etc

Igbos are better of in Nigeria than being led by the present corrupt, power-hungry Igbo politicians of today, especially people like Rochas, Ngige, Orji Uzor Kalu, Pius Anyim and co.

These set of Igbos politicians will only finish off the little good in Igbo land once given Biafra.

So before Igbos think of Biafra, they should strive to produce honest, trustworthy politicians that all Nigerian tribes can trust and vouch for and not with the present thieves they have now.

For instance, if Igbos are to produce the next president of Nigeria, who can Igbos nominate to represent them that won’t fall their hand

It’s high time honest, honorable and straightforward young Igbos like me start to prepare ourselves and position ourselves to represent Igbos in Nigerian national politics rather than wasting our time agitating for Biafra in the wrong way.

As an Igbo person who knows the Biafran vision, I wan a Biafra freedom without war, violence or military aggression.

I want a Biafra that will not secede today and start another internal war tomorrow due to power tuzzle and greedy leaders.

I want a Biafra that will be founded on science and technology and not rely on crude oil or other natural resources.

I want a Biafra that will give the Igbo youths enough hope and a promising future that will stop the Igbo youths from traveling to Asian countries to peddle drugs!

I want a Biafra that will turn majority of the Igbo youths to productive technicians, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, global entrepreneurs, technological innovators and inventors, and not chief crime leaders!

How can Igbos achieve all these By dropping the Biafran agitation agenda and embracing Nigeria with all their heart and working with other tribes to gain national relevance and trust…and by establishing foreign alliance with trusted nations and politicians, and not by carrying placards with hateful words….and getting killed by unprofessional Nigerian military that are only trained to torture and shoot at unarmed civilians‎.