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Stupid Expensive Things Wizkid Has Done With Money | He Spends N150,000 On Food Everyday



When you make a gulping sum of over a N200million in 30 mins, you would definitely spend money out of proportions. Often times, we write about American celebrities spending on unnecessary items but you would not fault them as their earning power is way ,ore than Nigerian celebs, But Wizkid is not your everyday Nigerian celebrity, he is Wizkid and he does as he pleases. I mean this is someone who declared a new year’s day in May.

Well, if your name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid, then these are just 7 of the things you might spend crazy, even stupid amounts of money on.

7. Bought $111,188 Richard Millie Wristwatch as a Gift.

On November 18, 2019, Wizkid took to Instagram to show off the Richard Millie Wrist Watch he bought for his manager, Sunday Are. The expensive watch was reportedly valued at $111,188 (N40,000,000) at the time the news story broke on the internet.

Talk about crazy expensive!

6. Bought $1.2 million customized iced wrist watch for himself.

If Wizkid is buying his manager a N40,000,000 wristwatch as a present, then how much do you think he would buy a wristwatch for himself? Well, you don’t have to guess too hard. In January of 2018, Wizkid posted the above picture of himself wearing a customized iced wristwatch valued at as he wrote, $1.2 million (about N400,000,000).

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Personally I’ve never understood the fascination a lot of these rappers have with expensive watches. For the time, most people these days use their phones, even people who own wristwatches. So to spend a whooping N400,000,000 on ONE wristwatch, it can’t be me. Then again, I don’t have Wizkid money. Who knows what I would do if I had that kind of money?

5. Rocked a N2.3 million jacket for live performance.

For his remarkable sold out O2 Arena concert that held in London, the Nigerian crooner rocked a Louis Vuitton Monogram Admiral Jacket which retailed at $6,550.00 as at the time of purchase.

You would wonder why anyone would wear something so expensive when the intention of wearing said item is to go out and put on a high energy performance that will result in a lot of sweat. Then again, this is not my money.

4. Bought a house in Los Angeles.

As far as investments go, real estate is at least always a good way to go so this purchase is one of the more practical things that Wizkid has bought. Home is always a good choice.

But still, do you know how stupid expensive a house in Los Angeles, especially one of the magnitude that Wizkid posted would cost? A whole tonne of money!

3. Bought a N101m Lamborghini Urus

In a video posted to his social media in 2018, Wizkid was seen celebrating the purchase of a new Lamborghini Urus.

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As at the time the news story broke, a Lamborghini Urus cost about $280,000 (N101,000,000).

This car was bought in addition to the fleet of cars the singer already has, a fleet that consists of a Porsche and a BMW.

2. He has a spoiled pet goat.

For some reason, Wizkid decided to buy a pet goat that he has been spoiling ever since. The goat as you can see in the picture above is decked in jewelry. In fact, in another video, Wizkid was seen chilling with the goat chilling off to the side with a handler, still decked out in jewelry may I add. So funny.

1. He spent N1400,000 daily for 2 years buying Nigerian food.

In an interview, Wizkid revealed that for 2 years, because of his love for Nigerian food, he had to hire a cook that came everyday to cook for him. According to him, he paid this woman $300-$400 (N152,000) every single day for 2 years just to make him Nigerian food.

Isn’t that crazy? That chef racked up A LOT of money. Lucky woman.

Nigerian food that if you just walk down the street here in Nigeria, you will comfortably eat belle-full with even N200.

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