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SO SAD! The Death Of This Igbo Man In India, Is A Lesson To All Nigerian Planning To Go Out Of Nigeria



The death of this Igbo man in India, is a lesson to all Nigerian planning to go out of Nigeria.

We all know that most people are leaving the country to go look for greener pasture in another country. Which is not a bad idea, but there are some lessons you should learn if you are planning to go out of the country. We all know that people fall in love, but mind you, not everybody you see on the road is advisable for you to love.

If you are planning of going out of Nigeria, have one thing in mind, don’t fall in love with someone that is also hustling with you. Instead fall in love with someone that is better and willing to help you. The death of this Igbo man in india, should serve as a lesson to all Nigerians planning to go out of the country.

A lady took to her Facebook account to share what happened to her maternal cousin that died in india. Based on the story, she made it known by saying:

Obinna is my maternal cousin, he went to India to hustle just like every young man, but he never knew he would meet his Waterloo. He was in india, along the line he met a lady with the name Abigail from Anambra state, a trained nurse, Obinna fell in love with her, and decided to take the relationship to another level by marrying her.

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That was the beginning of his problem, because the marriage was always having issues, two weeks ago, Abigail moved out of the house and rented an apartment for herself, heartbroken Obinna complained to his elder brother about what his wife did, only for the brother to tell Obinna to leave the marriage and move on in life.

Well it was already late, because Obinna was already blinded by love, he has mad love for her, without knowing that the love will eventually end his life. As of last week, it was reported that Obinna took some chemical (suicide) but God save him, he still did not learn his lessons.

Obinna went to club with his friends, only to meet his wife, well after the whole dancing and drinking, Obinna told her that he will met her at home, Finally Obinna did not go and neither did he went back to his house. His whereabout was not known.

The next morning, his wife rushed to his house to look for him, since she had the key to his apartment, well she did not meet him at home, so she stole his money, and other valuables including his motorcycle. Obinna got back home and found out that his things are missing, only for him to go to his wife’s house, there and then, she stabbed him to death.

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It did not end there, she took his lifeless body from her apartment down to his motorcycle after cleaning up the blood stain, she took his phone and called the police, accusing the community for killing her husband. Without having an idea that a CCTV recorded when she took his body down.

That was how everyone knew she was the one that killed her husband and lover and they got her arrested.

The death of this Igbo man in India, is a lesson to all Nigerian planning to go out of Nigeria, don’t go and marry someone that is still hustling out there rather marry someone that can help you out.