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Shocking Story of How The Ghost Of Man Who Died In A Bank In 2017 Keeps DISTURBING The Customers (PHOTOS)



There are different beliefs about ghosts and their existence, some people believe they exist while many see it as fiction but that one feeling we all share is that the stories about ghosts are scary.

Right now on social media, a story is going viral and it narrates how a ghost; an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image, appeared in a bank and also vanished in the same building but in a different room.

The Facebook user identified as Ejike Ofeogbu narrated the story, claiming that it happened to him when he went to the bank. The man claimed he never believed that dead men walk again until it witnessed it, he also claimed he has never seen a ghost in his life until that occurrence.

Another creeping story of a ghost was also shared by a Nigerian man whose late friend allegedly visited him and asked him to deliver valuable assets to his poor mother. Ifeanyi Uche Maurice took to his Facebook page to share an unusual experience that happened to a Nigerian man. According to him, an acquaintance the man had met in Vietnam during one of his business trips ran into him at Iweka Upper Onitsha.

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The two friends exchanged pleasantries and the deceased asked a favour of the other which came as a shock to him as they weren’t so close to that level. The ghost asked him to help sell a piece of gold pendant worth a handful of amount, Willy accepted reluctantly and told him he’d get back to him after making a successful sale of the gold which the ghost said was worth $4000. Two days passed, Willy did not hear anything from his friend who had promised to call him after leaving hastily at Onitsha Market. A frantic Willy reached out to a mutual friend who was closer to the ghost and he got the utter shock of his life.