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She’s Useless,All She Does Is Eat And Fart Around The House- Say Man Who Is Threatening To Divorce His Wife



A man is threatening to divorce the wife just because she farted in front of his family members. Yes the story seems funny but it is very much true.

The woman stated that the man started acting funny when she lost her job and started sitting at home doing nothing. But according to her, she used to be the bread winner when the husband was jobless.

But for the husband to turn around now and say she is useless and farting everywhere around the house is quite pathetic.

Read her own part of the story.

“I got married to my husband about five years ago and just a year into the marriage my husband lost his job and was without one for two years. During this period i was practically feeding him and maintaining the house up to paying of the rent.”

“I fed him for two years before a friend of ours helped him a good recommendation in a lucrative office,”

“He was employed and started earning well. Six months ago i lost my job and it was now my turn to stay at home.”

“Now i have added so much weight that my husband complains I fart a lot around the house.”

“Last week I farted by mistake in front of his family and he was completely pissed. He started insulting me in public and threatened to divorce in front of his family.”

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“He said all I do is eat and fart.”

“What exactly do I do to save my marriage? ”

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