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See What Was Spotted On The Protest Ground In Lekki Which Has Got People Talking On Social Media



The ongoing END SARS protest seem to have change course and people have now forgotten why they were out there protesting. Many people are willing to sleep on the protest ground all night just to make sure that the government listen to them. However, as this protest continues, we hope the government listen and do the needful so that we all can become one Nigeria again.
This protest has cut across the entire nation with no discrimination, whether your Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, Muslim or Christian. Everyone has been united in the battle to EndSars brutalities.

Also, Nigerian celebrities have joined the EndSars campaign too. But what amazes me is what was spotted on the protest ground in Lekki yesterday and this has gone viral on social media.
On the protest ground in Lekki yesterday, some group of people were seen smoking shisha and drinking alcohol. They seem to have forgotten that they are fighting for the whole country and shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing.

This incident and action from a group of protesters has called for immediate attention as many celebrities have been rebuking this indecent act which was portrayed yesterday at Lekki protest ground. The video has now gone viral online and this can only mean one thing for this protest, “The End”.

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Several protesters have been condemning the act and asking people on the ground to make sure that those set of people are sent packing from the protest ground and do not come back again.


Think this will mark the end of the protest if proper care is not taking. Also, these set of people need to be call to order if they really want to protest and if not, they should just go back to their homes.


What do you have to say about this? Do you think these set of people are really protesting or partying on the protest ground in Lekki? How would you describe this indecent act?

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