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See What This Man Was Caught Doing In Public While People Were Protesting



Protesters calling for the end of Sars and police brutality took to the streets again, to make their voices heard. Some of these protesters have made arrangements to sleep on the streets and continue to protest tomorrow.

During protest, this man was spotted with his bedsheet and mattress and he told people that he would be sleeping right there on the streets till the aim of their protest is achieved. He placed the mattress on the ground, then he and one other guy laid on it and wrapped themselves up with a bedsheet.

You may think that he was merely bluffing when he said that he will sleep right there on the street. Because even if people get food for him he will still have to take his bath which should compel him to go home, but this guy seems to have everything figured out.

Moments after he declared that he would be sleeping on the streets this man was caught on camera, taking his bath on top of a bus. The video went viral and people have been full of praise for him.

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