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See What Atiku Abukakar Told Buhari That Got 6k Retweets Within 9 Minutes (Video)



Former Vice president of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar has taken to social media to react to the escalating tensions between the protesters and the government.
Atiku advised Buhari to use reason rather than force on protesters as the use of force would breed more violence and outburst from the people..

His tweet read as:

When government shows that it cares, the citizens will fare well. Now is the time to apply reason, rather than brute force. And on that basis, I urge @MBuhari to talk to the nation, and particularly the youth of Nigeria.

The #EndSARS protesters are not unreasonable; they mean well and acted responsibly. This is the time to appeal to their reason by speedily implementing their reasonable demands. The use of maximum force will aggravate, rather than placate.

See screenshot below:

Also in a video posted on IG he urged Buhari to talk to the Nigerians

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