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Remembering What Israel Offered To Igbos During The Civil War That You Do Not Know About



Note: Everything written within this article is none other than a product of critical research, analysis and consultation of historical books and articles; especially, one that has to deal with the history of the Nigerian-Biafra civil war.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

I am someone who takes any historical data that I can find to store in my library; one of the major historical records which fascinates me up till today is what Israel did for the Igbos during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.


According to historical records, it was recorded that the Israeli government offered created a refugee camp/offered asylum for up to 1 million Igbos who wanted to flee from the country because of the war.

Also, from all the historical articles that I have consulted, it’s unknown about the exact number of Igbos who succesfully migrated to Israel because of the war; but whatever be the case, it was obvious that Israel really cared alot for the Igbos during the bloody civil war.

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