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Poverty Is A Disease! Top 10 Poorest States In Nigeria. See If Your State Is Among



Without wasting time, let’s take a look at the 10 poorest States in Nigeria and don’t be in dismay if your state is among. Nigeria is no doubt one of the richest and blessed Nations in Africa and the world when it comes to natural resources. The country is made up of 36 States, which have their own resources however with power comes great responsibility. It’s quite unbelievable that some states are down to poverty by 70% but most of these poor States are actually Poor due to bad governance, mismanagement of resources and more. According to the national bureau of statistic, here are the 10 poorest States in Nigeria.

10. Zamfara state: Zamfara is ranked 10th with 70.8% poverty rate.

9. Kebbi state: Kebbi whose capital is birnin kebbi is ranked 9th. This state has the poverty rate of 72%.

8. Bauchi state: According to statistics, majority of bauchi residents lack the basic amenities of life and it is a war-torn zone.

7. Ebonyi state: Ebonyi is ranked 7th on this list with a 70.6% poverty level and it is regarded as the poorest state in igboland.

6. Plateau state: Although plateau State is a well-known tourist attraction centre, it has a 71% poverty level.

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5. Jigawa state: Another northwest States like kebbi, jigawa ranks fifth on this list with a 72.1% poverty rate.

4. Gombe state: Gombe is located at the North Eastern part of Nigeria and it has a 73.2% poverty rate.

3. Adamawa state: With frequent attack from terrorists, adamawa is ranked third with a 74.2% poverty level.

2. Kastina state: Another northwest state, Kastina is on this list because it has fewer or no solid investments that generate revenue for the state.

1. Sokoto state: Sokoto is the poorest State in Nigeria with a massive 81.2% poverty level.

As a bonus States like Niger, osun, ondo, Lagos and bayelsa are among the States with the lowest poverty level in Nigeria.

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