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Photos: Woman catches husband banging primary school girl



A wife caught his husband with a girl.
Cindy Gogu is the wife of Peter Gogu .They are married for 12 years now. Peter always make mistakes in his relationship with Cindy. Their families always gather to solve messes that Peter always make. Last year he was found in the community hall kissing a young girl, his wife know about it and she forgave him. Now in his house.

Peter’s wife entered the house without knocking cause she knew that her husband likes young girls. He was caught in the act that day again. He give them money to keep their mouths shut and he always threaten to kill them at the same time with their parents. That’s how Peter get this young girls attention.

She didn’t wait for the police to come, she just kicked her husband one touch after she caught him in their house banging and enjoying the young succulent girl.

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