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Pastor Lucy Went To Pray Inside The Bush But This Is What People Saw In Her Picture As They Zoom It



Pastor Lucy has shared on her social media page some of the pictures of the moments that she was praying inside the bush on the mountain. Immediately she sent these pictures online, some users noticed something that many people did not notice in the picture. More than 2 Users reported to have seen something strange in the picture while they were zooming them. The Pastor innocently captioned the pictures as

“God will openly reward you for every step you’re taking to advance his Kingdom in Jesus Name”. That was what she wrote but people think the mistake she made was posting the pictures of her personal/private time with God on the mountain which was supposed to be secret on the social media. She went to seek God’s face in the bush but why does the pictures have to get to the internet?

Well, people have seen things in the picture and they have exposed what they saw to everyone.

The first viewer who noticed this thing says “Okay, fellas, if you have not zoomed this part and got disappointed then you are gayy”.

I was still wondering what the part he was talking about until another user says “I thought that was a thigh before zooming in”.

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Imagine all these kind of criticism on the picture of the pastor while she was praying. If she had kept the pictures to herself, who would have noticed all these things? She should not have posted her private time with God on the social media in the first place. It is personal and private and that is why she should have kept it to herself but now that she did not, people are now seeing lots of unnecessary things in the picture.

Imagine the user who says he got disappointed when he zoomed the picture. What was he expecting to see? All of these is not actually the fault of the people zooming the picture. The pictures should not have gotten on the social media at all. Many Christians need to learn how to keep their personal and private time with God as confidential as possible. Many people believe that going to the mountain means you want to be alone with God. So, there is no need to be showing everyone what you did on that mountain again, since you did it secretly. Prayers even get answered faster when they are done in secret without anyone knowing about it.

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