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OMG!!Drama As Man Finds Out A Prostitute He Picked Up A Night Before Was A Man



A man has had the greatest shock of his life after a prostitute he picked up for pleasure turns out to be a man.

As hilarious as this may seem, it was a serious issue for the man as he only found out about the gender of his “call girl” the night morning

It is very sad for an s*x starved man to experience such a situation.

An Abuja-based police officer also experienced a similar situation after he discovered a ‘call girl’ whose services he employed turned out to be a man.

According to him, he only carries out the look at night and goes on as his real gender in the early hours of the day.

One of his interrogators promised to give him a job that can earn him a decent pay if he promises to quit the deceptive act.

Another man allegedly shot an entire apartment after he discovered that he was hanging out with a male prostitute dressed as a woman.

Just after 9:30 am on June 7, a man allegedly picked up a female on Youngstown’s south side to bring back to a hotel.

When the suspect took the alleged prostitute to the hotel, he then realized that he picked up a man dressed in women’s clothing.

According to the report, the suspect became furious and told the victim he was going to grab his gun.

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The victim fled the scene before the suspect arrived back in the room with a gun.

The report states that the suspect went to the victim’s apartment and fired several rounds in the home. Two other people who were upstairs at the time of the shooting contacted police.

Police say that they collected eight shell casings.