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Note: If you see a baby looking through their legs, this is what it Actually means



Many of us would just not notice and feel it is just babies habit, that they’re just flexible and another set would read meaning into it.

Below are reasons why a baby would bend this way looking through their legs

1. In some cultures, when a baby looks through their legs, it means that the the mother or someone close by is pregnant. This is a superstitious belief and many have claimed that it is true. Readers, share your comments if you believe this

2. When a baby bends and look through their legs, it could mean they are looking for their siblings if they have any.

3. When a baby bends like this, it could mean that they’re just being flexible or they learnt a new movement.

Other reasons could be that they saw their fellow babies do the same pose and they’re copying or their are trying to look at what is behind them.

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