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“No wonder she is not getting any help” Checkout what people noticed in this woman with Four Babies



A Particular Woman was seen in Ladipo Odo Junction in Lagos State by a passerby some minutes ago. This woman was with four cute babies who are Quadruplet. The Woman sat down on the floor asking for people to help her but most people were just moving pass her without rendering any help. The person who saw her was wondering what she was doing on the road and also why she is not getting help from any one. So, the person took the picture to Facebook to let thousands of people explain what could have caused the condition of that woman. Facebook is a very large community with millions of people. So, as soon as this post landed on Facebook, it got many reactions and some people who know the woman explained her plight and why she is not getting help. Many people were surprised when they read the narrative about this woman because she looks like an innocent woman who is just sitting on the road and begging for survival of her babies. Read this article patiently to get the full story.

A User identified as Emezuru Ijeoma who knows the woman from various encounters explained what happened. She said the Woman was initially seen in Benue State with these particular four babies. Many people rushed to her as they pitied her and some people volunteered to help her. But, everyone needs to be very careful in this age. So, they asked for identification and also the birth certificate of her quadruplet before they can help her. The Woman promised to bring all the certificates the following day. But, do you know what happened the next day? Ijeoma says that the Woman flee to Port Harcourt. People saw her in Port-Harcourt again and they took her pictures. That was when people who had seen her in Benue State remembered that they have seen her before. Before, they could trace her to Benue State again, she is now found in Lagos State today.

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Now, this particular woman keeps cooking up different stories everywhere she goes as she cries for help. The User who shared her experience advises everyone to be very careful because it seems the woman has a negative intention. People would have helped her and her babies but her story has gone viral and she is suspicious. So, that is why she is stranded on Lagos Road without any help from anyone. Also, before you also offer help to any stranger be very vigilant and careful. No one knows who is who!

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