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Nigeria @60 : See Pictures, Videos that describe  Nigeria current Situation According to Nigerians 



Edujandon news learnt that Nigerians are piratically not happy about today’s celebration, as it is all over Social Media that Nigeria is not worth celebrating.

Pictures, Videos that describe Nigeria current Situation According to Nigerians

According to OHANAEZE Ndigbo, Nigeria has been counting losses and no gains, saying there virtually nothing to celebrate at the 60th anniversary of Nigeria.

The apex Igbo body, in a statement by its acting Secretary General/Publicity secretary, Prince Uche Achi-Okpaga, said that Nigeria has gone more years backward than forward.

“There is virtually nothing to celebrate at the 60th anniversary of Nigeria. A civil servant retires at the age of 60years.

This means that at that age he/she has offered the best of his/her services and initiatives. “However, at 60, Nigeria is counting losses instead of gains. On Security; Nigeria was a non permanent member of the UNO Security Council. We contributed troops as part of United Nations Peace Keeping Force to many Nations and they clearly distinguished themselves.

“Today, Boko Haram, bandits and/or killer Fulani herdsmen are killing military officers, trained with tax payers money, pulverizing and ravaging homes, villages and towns, all because professionalism and military precision have been relegated on the iota of ethnic chauvinism and infer idiosyncrasies.

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