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Nengi alone with Ozo spotted in front of a building, Checkout what they were doing



Actually They never knew that a man was secretly recording them from a far distance

An anonymous man who appears to have been keeping eyes on Ozo and Nengi since they have left the house has finally spotted them together in front of a building in Abuja. The man was very surprised when he saw what they were doing so, he quickly sent the pictures on social media for everyone to also see. Since Ozo and Nengi left the house, many things have evolved over time. But, since these two left the house, something that seems not to have changed is the fact that Ozo is still chasing his dream with Nengi outside the house, despite all what he has seen and heard. The man is just a righteous man who will stand by whatever he wants and give in whatever it needs. Read this article patiently to get the full gist of what the person who took the pictures saw.

The Pictures Nengi took before she was spotted with Ozo

The person said he has been waiting at the entrance for quite a while before he saw them. He was inside his car and he posed there and avoids being seen by these two lovebirds. So, throughout the time they spent together at the entrance, they never knew that someone was watching them. He says he was secretly recording them in his vehicle. Due to the distance, the person could not hear what they were saying but he could tell from their gestures that they were really having a nice chat. The two of them were enjoying their conversation as Ozo keeps smiling as usual. Due to the long distance, it was really difficult to hear what they were saying but, many people have given this a whole lot of interpretation. Some people took to the comment section and said Ozo is still disturbing Nengi. Some claim that he is not disturbing her but they are really close now. From all the things that have also been happening, it is safe to conclude that they are both cool and they have reached a common ground. For now, it seems they are both focused on their career and in due course, something may later happen but for now, it is their career first. That is actually the best thing to chase right now. So, despite any narration that you must have heard that these two are no longer seeing each other, just know that they are still very good friends and they still talk behind cameras.

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