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Na Girl Wey Follow Us Climb Okada Go Follow Us Fly Private Jet — Bolanle Ninalowo Praises Wife (PHOTO)



Popular Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo aka Nino B has come out to laud his wife, Bunmi for sticking with him even when he was broke.

The big-muscled actor made this known in a recent post on social media.

According to the actor, only those women who stay by their partners when in their least financial state will the ones to enjoy their man’s wealth when he finally hits the jackpot.

Ninalowo noted this on his Twitter page as he shared a photo of himself alongside his wife about to board an aeroplane.

In his words, “Na girl wey follow us climb okada go follow us fly private jet… My ride and die from day on.”

“… My ride and die from day on.”

Recall that in a 2017 interview, Ninalowo confirmed that he was separated from his wife, Bunmi at the time.

“I am separated from the mother of my kids. I have an 11-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy from her and they live in Atlanta.” he said

“We met here in Nigeria when I visited 12 years ago. I took her, with me, to the States and filed for her (married her on paper) with the hope to someday get married officially, but things took the wrong turn. So, for now I am married to my hustle.”

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In 2018, the actor then reconciled with her. They have two children together, Aliyah and Morakinyo.

Speaking about his marriage in recent times, he said;

“I honestly don’t like talking about my marriage but all due respect to you. I have messed up a lot honestly. I would tell every woman out there; the worst thing that can happen to any woman out there is dating a dreamer.”

“A dreamer is a lost person especially when the other person doesn’t even know that much. I took advantage in any way I could. I just thank God I came out in flying colours. I made mistakes, but I am not defined by those mistakes.”

“I can’t change the beginning but I can change the ending. For my marriage: loving my wife and kids is not a favour to them but to me. You are not doing anybody favours when you are doing the right thing.”

Ninalowo spent the first 15 years of his life in Nigeria before moving to Chicago, US.

He rose to prominence after his role in popular series, Husbands of Lagos.