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My Husband And His Family Accused Me Of Sleeping With Demons For Giving Birth To Albinos- Woman Cries Out



These children were born with albinism and that was the beginning of a painful story to this woman, they were bullied at school, in the neighborhood and almost everywhere. Their mother was traced up and down because of these children, even by their father’s relatives.

They told her she produced aliens which led to the extent of committing suicide but despite facing bullies, this children are very talented.
Fear is a limiting factor and it’s present in all of us but moving pass that fear is a center for success, don’t give up on your dreams or your dreams will give you on you.

The following are the words of the mother, when I first gave birth to the first child, I discovered she was an albino and I was surprised because it was my first time of seeing an albino. People began to approach me and tell a lot of words to me to point that I got scared and thought that I’ve brought evil to the world.

Despite all this, I kept being strong with perseverance to tell point that even my own husband won’t believe there were his children. When I delivered the second one, people said I’ve given birth to another thing again, this time they wouldn’t even call them children, they usually call them things.

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All of them kept saying I slept with demons and others normally call them evil spirit and all sort of painful words like that, it even affect my husband so much that whenever he went to apply for any job, he wouldn’t be offered the job because they knew he produced albinos, they would say

it might bring bad luck to the company.
There has been a lot of rumors everywhere about the children and this made my husband more annoyed with me, it was a bigger problem when my in-laws never believed that this were their grandchildren.
I decided to go to a church after all this bullies perhaps I can get peace but in spite of that people still rejected me.

People and his relatives told him that I’m the only problem causing all of this, he also believed them and turned his aggression against me.

My husband thinks the problem is from my side and he thinks I cheated on him by saying I slept with demons. I don’t know why men are like this, Please advise me i don’t want to lose my husband.

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