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Meet a “Man of God” Who has Married 12 Wives, 25 Own Children in One House (VIDEO).



Somethings are almost unbelievable when they fall into our ears. As opposed to most of the religious believes in Africa and beyond, this man from Rwanda successfully married 12 wives and is able to sustain one house. Here is the incredible story of how they live.

This man lives in a single house with 12 Wives, 25 Own children , and Nine other children he has adopted. Interestingly, all the above share the same meal despite all of them sharing the same man.

According to a family witness who took a video to confirm this situation, the married 12 wives and Children live in harmony . They have no conflict and no arguments at all as such a big family may be expected.
It is interesting that the people around him think that this man is a witch doctor, arguing that there is no way one could convince 12 women in the same room sharing him alone. However, he has a strong stand that he is a “man of God”.

According to the man, he has a dream to Marry 20 wives because this is what he promised the Spirit. It is also important to note that he married his first wife 16 years ago , and married other wives within the 16 years to the present such a huge family.

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