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Marry Me For Free And I Will Buy You A Car, Pay You Ghc20000 Weekly On These Conditions



A young and beautiful lady whose identity is covered is saying, marry me for free and I will buy you a car, pay you Ghc20000 weekly on these conditions. She outlined some conditions which those who are interested will have to obey and follow.

So she promised to buy anyone who marry her a car, pay him Ghc20000 weekly on these conditions.

The person will marry me for free and I will surely buy a car because that’s my promise to the person who will marry me for free and also I will pay Ghc10k weekly but it will be on some conditions.

She said that she would be the one to cover up for all the expenses of both traditional marriage and white wedding.

Having lost both parents last year from a plane crash, she inherited all her father’s property because she was the only child.

So she promised to buy an exotic car for any man who agrees to marry her and also pay him Ghc20k weekly.

All I just want is a man that will marry me, I will buy him a car and even pay him Ghc10k on weekly basis, provided he sticks to the conditions I give him.

Marry me for free and I will buy you a good car, pay you Ghc10k on the conditions I will list below.

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The fact is that I am still and I am always ready to mingle now.

I am intelligent and not a lazy woman and also I am a graduate with first class upper, I have my Bachelor in physics. I own a lot of businesses and I can say it in anywhere I go that I am rich and independent woman.

I am independent young Lady, I am a make up artiste and creative. I own two four bedroom apartment and two duplex also, one in Kumasi and the other Tamale. I am ready to take care of the bill.

So she promised to buy anyone who marry her a car and pay him Ghc10k for his home keep on every weekly basis.

As you can see, I am single but I need a man to marry only if he can obey these conditions I have outlined below;

Here are the conditions below if you can cope.

1.He should be ready to go with me for 15hours a day

2.He should be ready to Cook, wash the plate, clean up the house and bath 10 times a day.

3. He should not question me whenever he sees me with another man.

4. He must be ready to wash all my clothes because I can’t afford to dirty my finger nails.

5. He should not be a drunkard but he must know how to drink.

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