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List Of States That Should Go For A Total Lockdown



Following the chaos that are going on in the country recently, I am of the opinion that the president Buhari and the federal government should impose a second total lockdown on the list of states that will be mentioned below in this article, as this will be a good strategic process to bring back orderliness in those states.

Even after the president Buhari has recently addressed the current happenings in the country about the ongoing protest, some of these states has still not come back to normalcy, as there are still reports of mayhem going on in some of these states. So, I am of the opinion that president Buhari should impose a total lockdown on these states to help bring back orderliness.

Following the chaos going on in these states, i suggest that the following list of states should go for a total lockdown;

1. Lagos State.

2. Edo State.

3. Abia State.

4. Osun State.

5. Anambra State.

6. Delta State.

7. Rivers State.

Suggestively, I opine that the aforementioned listed states should go for a total lockdown, to help bring back order in these states.

The government will have to something, so, if you have any other opinion on how to bring orderliness in those states, you can share it in the comment section.

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Remember, any form of insult against the government will not be tolerated, as every comment is being checked.

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