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Lekki massacre: Over 107,000 sign petition for UK to sanction Buhari-led govt, another 53,000 Nigerians drag him to ICC



A petition asking the United Kingdom to sanction members of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government and police force for human rights abuses over the #EndSARS movement has been signed by 107,000 individuals.

This was as of 06.10am on Wednesday when visited the petition page.

The petition, which was created by one Silas Ojo, seeks to generate 100,000 signatures.

“At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament,” a note beneath the petition with a deadline of April 20, 2021 read.

The petition on the UK government and parliament website read, “There have been deeply concerning reports of a Nigerian police force unit (SARS) engaging in illegal activities and human rights abuses, and there have also been reports of police firing at protestors calling for SARS to be disbanded.

“Implement sanctions against the Nigerian Government and officials.

“The Government should explore using the new sanctions regime that allows individuals and entities that violate human rights around the world to be targeted, to impose sanctions on members of the Nigerian government and police force involved in any human rights abuses by the Nigerian police.

“Deploying sanctions would provide accountability for and be a deterrent to anyone involved in violations of human rights.”

Nigerians, especially the youths, have taken to the streets in protest over violations of human right and extrajudicial killing by Police personnel, specifically those of the defunct State Anti-Robbery Squad

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Similarly another petition opened by Kayode Ogunfeibo on was signed by over 53, 000 Nigerians who are demanding that Buhari should be held by International Criminal Court (ICC) responsible for human rights abuses in the country.

The petition reads: ‘Today in Lagos Nigeria, the Nigerian Army started shooting peaceful protesters at Lekki Toll Gate. This is the latest in a long series of human rights abuses in Nigeria and as the Head of State of Nigeria President Mohammadu Buhari should be held directly responsible for this heinous crime against humanity. Under no circumstances should civilians be shot by soldiers in a civilised world and the perpetrators including the Army Chief of Staff General Buratai, should be brought to justice.’

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