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Lady Who Rejoiced After Buying First Fridge, Receives New TV & iPhone From Good Samaritans (Photos)



A Nigerian woman has been surprised with gifts of iphone and television from good samaritans.

A lady, Laura Ogaga has taken to Twitter to express delight after receiving an iPhone and Samsung TV from good Samaritans..

This comes after the 21-year-old lady recently went viral after she shared photo of herself squatting beside her new fridge.

Sharing the photo, she pleaded with Twitter users not to belittle her little win, saying it’s her biggest flex, and she feels so happy to be able to buy something for herself at 21.

Twitter user, Oluwatosin revealed that Laura was gifted a new TV and an iPhone after she celebrated her fridge on social media.

“Guys remember @lauraogaga1_ She posted about her new fridge. She got gifted an iPhone and a 32 inch Samsung TV. Really excited for her.”