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Lady recounts how Covid-19 palliative was repackaged and sold to her (photos)



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament after she saw COVID-19 stickers on a carton of noodles she allegedly bought.

According to her, the carton of noodles came with a sticker which reads, “The indomitable pack”, and suddenly she felt like removing it. Upon removal she discovered that the extra sticker was used to cover a “Not for sale” sign, indicating that the noodles was a Covid-19 palliative..

To her utmost surprise, after removing the “indomitable” sticker, she found COVID19 sticker, underneath it.

She wrote,

“I don’t really know what took my mind to this pack of indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new new sticker from it, lo and behold at the back of it I saw Covid 19, Not for sale.

“So all this while I have been buying my own right? So if you are looking for warehouse in Akwa ibom, our own palliatives has been sold out to us. HOW HEARTLESS CAN PEOPLE BE?”.