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If You Want To Die Young, These Are The Women To Date



Do you seem to attract everything, from the ratchet types to the crazy ones?! I am woman and I know there are women I wouldn’t even recommend for my worst enemy to date.

You can always spot a crazy woman a mile away. I mean, they always stand out.

Undomesticated women

But judging from the state of my brother’s love life, and all those poor men out there who are married or dating one of these types, I have come up with a list with the hope that it will save some men from the agony of dating such women.

Top on my list are lazy and undomesticated women. These ones can’t do the basics such as cooking a simple thing such as tea to save their lives. Differently put, they are clueless on the domestic front. So clueless that they are not in a position to supervise their own house helps.

How can you supervise what you do not know? And don’t get me started on laziness, it’s the worst attribute a woman can posses.

Second is ‘Miss I-am-looking-for-a-man-to-save-my-life’. These types are needy. She wants someone to save her from virtually everything. She suffers from mood swings. She’s always sulking. She’s such an irritant.

She wants this, she wants that. If it’s not her, it’s her brother, sister, parents and anybody related to her.

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Look, woman, Jesus died for all of us. Your neediness could be what keeps men away from you. And you are wondering why you are still single at 35, with no man hovering around?

Daddy’s little princess

Then there is Miss Gold Digger. She sees a man and immediately she wants nothing but money. This type of woman expects a man to finance her entire life just because she is a woman. Doesn’t want to look for a job. All she does is bum around. To her, men were put on this earth to be her personal walking and talking bank accounts.

Then we have daddy’s little princess. A woman who was spoiled by her dad. She has expensive taste and expects only the best like her daddy provided.

She uses her father as a yardstick to examine men she dates. She is an attention seeker. If she even a breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you are doing to drive her to the nail salon, immediately.

Last but not least is Miss Psycho. She is drama queen. Insecure, controlling and always a victim. She loves drama and exaggerating everything. The woman who feels the need to call her man 10 times a day or who will sleep with her boyfriend’s best friend and then play victim.

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Gentlemen, when you see such women, run for the hills.

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