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If Igbos should Leave Lagos State, See What might happen to the Yoruba Land



It has been an alleged trend that Igbo’s should leave the Yoruba state Lagos which is popularly regarded to as the “No Man’s Land”. It will be of a great unforseen big slam on the face of the Nigerian society if the Igbo’s are forced to leave the Lagos state as shared on the trendy video clip. The person speaking in the video gave the Igbo’s who resided in Lagos state 48 hours ultimatum to leave or face the consequences.

Earlier on, it was a fight for EndSARS and police brutality including bad governance and suddenly it has turned to what we never thought of. Is this how Nigeria can live and be United? I am glad to say that men of good and standard reasoning have debunked this message and insisting Igbo’s are going nowhere. The Yoruba land might face these challenge if the Igbo’s are made to leave their land.

Reduction of production and high capital generating in the state; They is no doubt that the Igbo tribe are known to be ingenious men who always create tangible things in the society. Their great population in the business sector with an understandable mind to make a positive difference is always visible. They have cited many business (money generating) mediums in this city and improved it immensely. If these Igbo men have to leave as alleged, Lagos state might be prepared to face a financial human and intellectual intelligence and resources. The business aid in the state might be forced to depreciate in the course of the unjust action.

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The Indigenous Yoruba people should rebuke such an unthought decision that might stir up problem in our Nation.

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