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Hours After They Looted A Psych Hospital, See What 2 Hoodlums Was Carrying That Got People Talking



Vandalism and looting of both government properties and private owned establishment erupted nationwide by supposed thugs or hoodlums.

This was an after effect of the lekki shooting where soldiers opened fire on innocent peaceful protesters without no tangible reason.

Since then hoodlums has been on a looting and vandalism spree. Several shops and plazas has been looted and burnt beyond recognition. Some people’s luxury cars have also been burnt or partially destroyed.

This has gotten to the extend that even a psychiatric hospital has been looted. This is so unbelievably true, it happened in Cross River State, Calabar precisely. Some hoodlums broke into a psychiatric hospital and carted away with everything they can find.

Photo Collage Of The 2 Hoodlums

There’s particularly two hoodlums that people saw carting away with Odd items. This got people wondering what they need those items for. One of the thugs was seen carting away the hospital bed, while the other one was seen with the hospital’s toilet.

See photos below;

Photo: First Hoodlum Spotted With Hospital Bed

Photo; First Hoodlum With Hospital Bed Marked In Red Circle

Photo: Second Hoodlum with his Cohort Carrying The Hospital’s Toilet

Photo; Second Hoodlum With Toilet Marked In Red Circle

What on earth does someone want to do with a hospital bed or toilet. See some comments from people below;

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This is now beyond hinge and poverty. This is bad and it shows just how bad some humans can be. What do you think?

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