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Hottest Grandma, She’s Almost 100 But Dresses Like A 40 Year Old Lady: See 20 Photos Of her On Instagram’s



Helen Ruth Elam, born on the 18th of July, 1928, is a social media Influencer, model brand ambassador and Instagram’s hottest grandma.

Aged 92, the ever vibrant mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister and friend, is a beauty to behold.

With a following of over 3 million on Instagram, she became popular after her great grand daughter uploaded her photos on the Social media platform Twitter while wearing her clothes.

Since then she has grown in immense popularity, and attained 1 million followers in the year 2015.

Nicknamed Baddie, which is also her Instagram handle, she is followed by top celebrities like Rihanna, Mikey Cyrus amongst others and has also taken photos with many celebrities.

In 2015, Grit Creative Group used her as the face of their website launch campaign, where she dressed as popular American celebrity Kurt Cobain, model Kate Moss and others.

She continues to entertain her fans and the World with her pictures, videos, and collaborations with well-known brands and celebrities.

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