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Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for October 10



If it’s your birthday today Some singles have met their karmic soul mate and there was instant chemistry and a bond is forged. Both were equally surprised at this. The relationship with your spouse/partner can be made even stronger by actually listening to what is being conveyed. This in turn heals a lot of issues. Business/career is slow, but at least there is some forward movement.

Capricorn: Take extra care of your vehicle and make sure it is in top working condition. Some buy property. Love msg: Just flow with the circumstances without questioning the Universe. Colours: yellow/gold.

Taurus: A calmer and less busy time follows after meeting several last minute deadlines. Health is good. Love msg: Continuing to grow as separate individuals yet being together is great. Colours: watermelon/turquoise.

Virgo: Follow a healthy diet, eating small meals throughout the day. Negotiations have a positive outcome. Love msg: Keep words careful and diplomatic when explaining something to your spouse/partner. Colours: coral/olive.

Aquarius: Create time to be together, talk and listen to what is actually being said instead of assuming. Love msg: Avoid being judgmental with someone you love so dearly. Colours: black/green.

Gemini: A new friendship changes life in a most unexpected manner. Love msg: Exchanging views, ideas and saying so many things of complete unimportance has never been easier as now. Colours: violet/indigo.

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Libra: This karmic cycle encourages compatibility with people, both at home and the work team. Be diplomatic. Love msg: Don’t allow an enticing diversion to take hold of your emotions. Colours: blue/khaki.

Pisces: The right blend of practicality and creativity answers many questions. Your mood is happy and sunny. Health is good. Love msg: Some may not be comfortable with an idea. Colours: brown/maroon.

Cancer: A much better karmic cycle begins that also draws in newer work. do get enough sleep. Love msg: Avoid a relationship you know has not future and mainly unhappiness. Colours: white/mustard.

Scorpio: Discarding a long standing habit it very easy to surmount in this karmic cycle. Love msg: An unexpected telephone call, a gift and an e-mail are such pleasant surprises. Colours: red/black.

Aries: Some have yet to give the first instalment on a property. Work requires concentrated focus. Love msg: Speaking gently and lovingly makes all the difference between you both. Colours: blue/silver.

Leo: A new idea that involves growing and multiplying seems to be workable. A trip is put on hold. Love msg: An issue that bothered you for sometime settles down amicably. Colours: black/white.

Sagittarius: A difference of opinion which in ordinary circumstances would have escalated, keeps you calm. Love msg: Enjoying the simple pleasures of life together is wonderful. You both feel blessed. Colours: brown/white.

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