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HEARTBREAKING! Some House Maids Are Evil, This Maid Stabbed Her Boss To Death, See Why



No doubt, housemaids face really worse experiences from their bosses but on the other end, some of these housemaids have evil living in them.

There are some bosses who show complete love to these housemaids but in return, they do the most horrible things to them. That makes one just really wonder if some of these housemaids deserve the love that some people show to them.

Taking the case of 59-year-old woman, Mistura Ogundipe, whose maid stabbed her multiple times and died after, one would really think these maids do not deserve any form of empathy.

The offence of this woman was that she found out that Susan, the housemaid in question had been stealing from her, so she confronted her. Disappointed by this act, the woman called the agent who brought Susan to her and told her to come and take her away from her house because she would not be needing her services again.

Susan on her own path enjoyed staying with her boss and didn’t want to leave, so she decided to attack her instead. This girl blended pepper and poured the blended pepper on her boss. As if that was not enough, she went ahead to hit her head with a bottle of champagne

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This poor woman began to scream in pain and it was her noise that her neighbours heard and they ran to the house to find out what was happening. When they got to the gate of the house, they saw blood coming out of the gate and they knew that something was wrong. So, they jumped into the house through the fence. They saw her writhing in pains and immediately rushed her to the hospital.

By the time they got her to the hospital, she was in coma for three days at LASUTH but was finally revived after a three-hour surgery. Sadly, she didn’t really feel better after this incident as she began to visit the hospital frequently for check-up and treatment, following the injury she sustained.

The girl, however, ran into hiding but some members of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) caught her where she was hiding. When she eventually confessed to the crime, she was handed over to Ejigbo Police Division.

Unfortunately for this woman, she had to be admitted again after so much complication arising from the injury. She was hospitalized for six months before she eventually died.

She was later admitted after many complications and remained hospitalised in the past six months during which she eventually gave up the ghost,’’ the source said

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Susan, the housemaid was charged to court for attempted murder.

This is a very sad incident and painfully, there are so many of them out there. A while back, a woman shared on Facebook how her maid beat her 2-year-old child and even forced him to eat his own faeces.

She said;

“the first thing I saw was Agatha flogging and beating my son mercilessly as shown in the videos. I couldn’t believe my eyes I started weeping profusely, drew the attention of my hubby and called my parents and siblings immediately. She even used ice-cold water on several occasions to bathe him and wash his poo…no wonder I keep treating cough and catarrh every two weeks, I even started complaining that drugs are fake.

Do you know the cause of his strange vomiting that morning?? It was because Agatha gave him his excreta to eat on the previous day when they returned from school, after flogging him mercilessly for pooing on his clothes. Jesus wept!!!