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Free Channels you can watch On DSTV Nigeria decoders when your subscription expires



People have been asking for the free channels on DSTV. In this post, Tech team we will share the list of free channels. DSTV is the acronym for Digital Satellite Television which operates in Nigeria and some other African countries. These other African countries include Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Mauritius and Uganda. Majority of their subscribers are from Nigeria and South Africa. The slogan for DSTV is Feel Every Moment.

DSTV offers paid subscription channels to her customers. It is however possible for you to still view free channels on your DSTV decoder when the subscription expires..

First of all it’s worth to Note that most of these channels are Chinese channels, we don’t know the reason why but might be because the decoders were built in China by Chinese 🤔. Anyways haven said that below are the free channels you can watch On your DSTV decoder when your subscription expires

Channel 100 (Dish) — basically this channel shows highlights of programs done on dstv, it advertise DSTV on DSTV 😉.

Channel 447 (CCTV 4) — shows compilation of Chinese drama, all in Chinese

Channel 448 (CGTN Documentary) — this focus mainly on the Chinese histories, but in English

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Channel 409 (CGTN News) — this brings you all news from China

Channel 449 (CGTN French) — this focus on the French histories and entertainment. All in French

On the DSTV official website FAQs it claims to be in compliance with the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission’s Code of showing free channels. See below

Do you have free to air channels available on DStv?

In compliance with the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission’s Code, which mandates that “a pay Subscription Service shall carry a free-to-air Public Broadcasting Station in its area of coverage free in the public interest”, MultiChoice has made available Nigerian Television Authority International, (NTAi) as the free-to-air channel for its subscribers after expiration of their subscription

But after checking we noticed the NTA wasn’t showing as claimed, we don’t know it its an error or…?? Either ways, only the ones listed by us above are showing

UPDATED: currently only NTAi(251) and CGTN Dcumentary(448) are showing

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