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Do You Know The Reason Why Doctors Wear Blue Clothes During Surgery? See What The Clothes Does



Most times, when we see doctors doing surgeries in the theatre room either in movies, reality TV shows and other educational programs, we see them wearing either a green or blue coloured clothes which is known as scrubs.

So are you among those who have been wondering and pondering on the reason why doctors stick to these two colours and don’t even change to colours like red, white and some other beautiful colours?

If you’re ever wondered about this, then get ready to know the reason why they stick to these colours, because, on this article, I will be explaining the reason why doctors wear green scrubs (gowns) during surgeries are not other colours.

1. Green, and blue are the only satisfactory colours in the theatre. The theatre has a very bright light and these colours are non-reflective and don’t change the colour of patient organs.

2. These colours also prevents eye fatigue, and gives comfort to the eyes during surgery. The eyes have to be kept open, due to this prolonged period, the eyes get tired. But if the green colour is seen immediately, then the eyes get cold (more active).

Conclusion: Because of this, the green and blue colours of their clothes not only help to improve a surgeon’s visual acuity but also make them more sensitive to different shades of red.

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