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Corps member and her husband arrested for allegedly chaining their househelp and leaving her under the sun because of a N10 sweet



A 26-year-old corps member and her husband have been accused of maltreating their househelp.

Agatha Egodi Philip-Iboko, a mother-of-one, was arrested alongside her husband Philip Iboko for allegedly torturing their eight-year-old househelp, Osinakachukwu.

Only days earlier, a photo of the househelp lying in the open, under the sun, her legs and hands chained together, went viral after a neighbour of the couple posted the photo online.

The neighbour explained that the young househelp was subjected to child abuse because she ate part of the N10 sweet they bought for their two-year-old daughter.

It angered Nigerians and they called for the arrest of the child’s guardians.

Prior to this incident, Agatha, who is serving with the ministry of Agriculture, Ebonyi State, had put up photos of her househelp and praised her for her “undying goodwill towards others” and for being a great caretaker for her daughter Doris.

Following the arrest of Agatha and her husband, Osinakachukwu was placed in the custody of the council Chairman of the Izzi LGA, Chief Paul Nwogha.

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