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Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli Has Nowhere To Hide! These Photos Have Exposed Her Badly (LOOK)



Popular Citizen TV anchor and presenter, Lilian Muli recently posted her throwback photo. The photo ended up giving her fans a reason to judge her negatively.

When one looks keenly at the photo in question, the mother of two appears quite dark-skinned which has made many of her fans assume that she had her skin lightened just like Vera Sidika and Bridget Achieng.

Shortly after she posted it, her fans started throwing in comments with one fan posting a question asking her why she had to bleach her already gorgeous melanin-rich skin.

Have a look at the photo in question below;

The outspoken and eloquent journalist did not take it badly as she denied the allegation saying that she still looks the same but that she now has a better phone with a high-quality camera that beautifies things. She has always been the same.

But going through the comments keenly, it was evident that most people are convinced that she did indeed have something done on her skin.

Maybe that is the main reason why she has been hiding her dark knuckles whenever she is on air. It is only her that knows the truth and it could be quite interesting to learn that she indeed had her skin lightened. As for now, we just have to give her the benefit of doubt and go by her response.

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“Hey, Lillian I really like and admire you. But let us face it. Ukweli ni kwamba umetoa tint. You’re trying so hard to convince yourself you have not bleached until you think it is true. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. You should not even justify yourself. You still look good even after bleaching. You look better by the way. It’s nobody’s business. These throwback photos are evidence that you have bleached your skin.”

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