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Busted! How fake mad woman got caught in Oyo State today after years of pretence (Photos)



A strange thing happen in the city of Ogbomoso, Oyo State. A mad woman was caught by two students while they’re headed to school this morning. This woman has always been seen sitting near their school premises over the years.

She was very popular in the street and well known, and people actually believed she’s mad but unknown to them she is very well and sound, thanks to the two sensitive students of the public school, where this woman always sit down daily.

On their way into the school premises, the two students heard the ring tone of an iPhone, and as we all know, an original iPhone has a unique tone when a message is received. One of the students who knows the ring tone of an iPhone, thought someone has lost the phone, knowing how much such phone cost.

He looked around and nobody was there apart from the mad woman. The tone keeps coming and the phone couldn’t be found. The other student noticed the sound came from where the mad woman was. They approached her to ask her about the phone, and she denied having any phone on her.

Unfortunately for her, the phone ring again and that’s how the student started to scream on her to start unwrapping all the dirty clothes and nylon on her. The scenario caught the attention of passerby’s and the entire neighborhood. They all came close and threatened to beat the hell out of her and that’s when the mad woman beg not to, and started to unwrap herself as seen in the photos below.

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That’s how she got bursted and the iPhone was found on her. But she’s not talking about why she pretend to mentally ill, and where she got the phone from before the Police came to took over.

Check out the photos of the incident:

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