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Boko Haram displays new armoured tank bought to fight Nigerian Army (Photo)



The Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram has displayed the latest addiction to its arsenal, a brand new armoured tank.

The terrorist set released the video that have since gone viral online on Sunday.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians online have been asking how was it possible for Boko Haram to bring the armoured tan to the country considering our borders are closed and the supposed tight security the borderlands..

“How is this possible? I thought all borders were closed. Even if opened, how do they bring in an heavy duty fire power into this country with been caught. Haaa,’ an online user Adekunle Ibrahim wrote.

“So THE WHOLE NIGERIA AS BIG AS SHE IS!!!!! has no radar detecting system that can detect this people in an open space as big as this and do justice by delivering one small Tomahawk missile to say thank you for their new gift as a token of appreciation from the Nigerian army EHN!,” another user @TheAngelDami tweeted.

“It shall not well wit the leaders of this country!!

If that’s true that BOKO Haram can afford to buy Armoured Tank!!!

Any Nigeria political that’s in support wit boko haram will know no peace in their generation as long as God in heaven continue live!!! IJN🙏🙏,” a user @Daddybo wrote.

“Shay una dey vexx because wiz called president old man? Can you see how incompetent this administration is, keeping the same servings generals in office since he came. There hv turn it into business and recruiting BK Haram members into the army,” another user @Oam_Enemona tweeted.

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