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Bag Of Rice is No Longer N35000, See The New Price in Ogun State After Custom Officers Disappearance



In some parts of Nigeria, Ogun State precisely, a bag of rice was conventionally sold between the range of thirty-five thousand nairas (35,000) to forty thousand nairas (40,000) before. Lately, something mind-blowing happened and it affected the price at which rice was sold in the state.

The picture above is an illustrative picture showing several bags of Rice. Source: Google.

Lately, an unforseen thing happened around the borders of Owode, Ogun State and it caused an alteration in the amount a bag of rice was sold in Ogun State. Custom Officers were said to have disappeared from the borders without anyone knowing their whereabouts. Indigenes of Ogun State who knew Custom Officers have left didn’t let the moment pass without making good use of it. They quickly crossed the border and purchased huge amounts of rice, turkey, and some even trooped in fairly used cars.

According to findings gathered, I deduced that, what many persons quickly purchased were bags of rice in great quantities instead of other items such as turkey and fleets of “tokunbo” cars. This is due to the excessive hike the price of rice in every part of the country.

Some persons said a bag of rice is sold at eighteen thousand naira (18,000) to twenty five thousand Naira (25,000) in some Eastern and Southern States across Nigeria.

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So, the new price of a bag of rice in Ogun State changed drastically from thirty five thousand naira (35,000) to five thousand naira (5000) and above. Some of those who were lucky enough to have gotten quite a good number of bags when the custom Officers disappeared the border are reselling at a higher amount. An instance here is the case of a person who purchased a bag of rice at eight thousand naira (8,000) and now resell at twenty thousand naira (20,000) and above. That’s a huge gain sincerely.

For those of you who have friends in Ota Ogun State, you can quickly reach out to them in order to get rice at a reduced rate before the price goes more than expected.

If you’re doubting this, just put up a call to someone in Ota Ogun State and confirm if a bag of rice was sold at a cheap amount recently or not.

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