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A Man Took A Picture First Before Killing His Own Brother For What He Did!! (See What He Did)



Imagine taking a picture first then kill after that. Yes this man posed to take a picture before he killed his brother. Apparently it said his brother killed their mom and the reason behind that isn’t said. This man deserves the bells because he has the audacity to even pose at first and even have his picture go viral as he was about to commit a crime.

You could see that he doesn’t regret what he is about to do, he’s so chilled about it. Yes the other brother was wrong into killing their mother but couldn’t they get him arrested than to kill him. Maybe it was a mistake killing their mom which he regrets doing. You all know that everyone makes a mistake but also killing is not a mistake. You can do it purposely just because you want to be free.

And even family supported this wrong doing of killing him. As the people say the killing will continue in the family as they see that they are killing each other. Someone else on the family could kill this one as he killed their sibling and then the circle will continue like that. Some famillies support wrong doings as to why I don’t know because surely they see its wrong.

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