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God’s Work? Man Who Was Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison But They Forgot To Imprison Him For 13 Years



God really does work in a mysterious way and we cannot argue that fact. Not even science can explain the power of God. Whenever God wants to bless any man, no human being born of man or woman, born of the sea of fire can stop that, and whenever God chooses to forgive and have mercy on you, you will definitely receive it bountifully.

I personally have sojourned and will categorically tell you that God exists and he is an all-powerful being.

This is the story of a man called Cornealious Michael ‘Mike’ Anderson III. He was convicted of Armed Robbery and was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in the Missouri State Prison System back in the year 2000.

He was however released on bail pending when his appeal of conviction will be concluded but his appeal was rejected in 2002.

However, his victim did not want him to be imprisoned and as God would have it, there was clerical errors, and they thought that they have already imprisoned him.

It was not until he was supposed to be released 13 years later that they discovered that he was never imprisoned at all.

Below are photos of Mike and his family.

If this is not God having mercy on someone, what then is?

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what do you have to say about this? Do you think he should have been made to serve the full sentence after the discovery? Let us know what you in the comment section.