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Girl Wey Dey Go Morning Mass Don Dey Murdered Inside Delta, Deadibodi Con Dey Dumped Inside Nearby Primary School



One young girl wey simply dey identified as Anwuli don dey reportedly murdered on her way to church mass on Sunday morning and bin dey dumped inside one nearby primary school wey dey Obiaruku.

According to reports wey dey gadad from fotos of di deceased wey bin flood social media, she bin dey killed on her way to di Catholic Church wey dey Obiaruku and her deadibodi wey dey abandoned by unknown pesin (s) for di Esume – Uku Primary School, Umusume, Obiaruku wia e dey discovered.

One of di sources, Oji Handy wey see di deadibodi bin write: “I wonder wetin dis life dey turn into…One innocent girl wey dey go for morning mass for Catholic church inside Obiaruku don dey brutally murdered. Oh Lord, grant Anwuli eternal rest!

“Wetin wey go around dey come around! Wetin she do to UNA? One innocent soul jus go like dat…She bin dey kept lifeless inside Esume – Uku Primary School, Umusume, Obiaruku. E bin happen dis Sunday morning. Di wicked ones No Go go unpunished!

Meanwhile, one man, wey pipu know as Sarafa Ayuba, 22, don reportedly commit suicide beside him uncle dormot for Amuloko area of Ona Ara Local Government part of Oyo State.

Sarafa wey until him death he na okada rider, bin on Friday hang himself inside one uncompleted building beside him uncle dormot for Amuloko area of Ibadan, di Capital City of Oyo State.

Ayuba, as INDEPENDENT bin gada, na di only son of him late fada. Him mama, Nike, wey bin dey for di scene of di incident fit no control her emotions, as dem see am dey cry uncontrollably, dey claim say her son bin dey wasted by some evil forces.

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According to Sarafa uncle, one Mr. Kazeem Tijani, since Ayuba bin leave for work on Thursday morning, he no see am till he bin go sleep for night.

Kazeem bin yarn say di whereabouts of Ayuba bin dey known yesterday when him phone bin dey called to ascertain him state and di ringing tone bin dey heard close by.

He bin explain furda: “We den monitor wia di phone bin dey ring, and one woman bin yarn say dem bin trace di ringtone of Ayuba phone to di uncompleted building wia dem see am dey hang. Di phone bin dey him pocket.

Two black plastic bags bin dey seen on di ground with him pair of sandals also wey he flung dia.

Anoda eyewitness wey bin plead anonymity, also bin confam say some items bin dey found inside di bags na white garment (Jalamia), two types of perfumes, one new white singlet, chin chin, biscuits and oda personal effects. He bin use one white handkerchief as face mask.

Kazeem, when dey ask am wetin he feel fit don cause Ayuba death, bin yarn say: “Ayuba bin get di motorcycle on hire purchase basis and he bin dey pay di instalments adequately. He na my broda son.

“He no dey owe anyone and hungry no dey worry am. He neva marry. He bin dey live with me for di past two to three years. He bin dey work with me before he get Okada.”

Kazeem bin state furda dat Sarafa bin use to be tailor and he bin dey do fine. “We don search him room but we no find any note dat he fit don leave, though we no fit search him body. I bin don calle our relations in Apomu; dem dey on dia way”.

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Mr. Oluwatosin James, wey be di Chairman of di Association of Commercial Bike Riders inside Amuloko area, bin describe Ayuba as one very cool headed fellow, and easy-going pesin.

Mr. James bin yarn say, “Di tori of Ayuba death bin come to us as one rude shock. Na dis morning naim we hear of di tori for di Park. He no dey too talk and no go fight anybodi.

Once he bin do him okada business inside di morning, he no go and park and go to him uncle shop to assist am. Out of N390,000 wey he he get di Okada on installment basis, Ayuba don almost pay up di money, becos di money remain jus N77,000 to balance di payment.

“E no get issue of threat to am from di pesin wey gave am di okada. In fact, di pesin be like one broda to am. So, we dey confused ova dis sad incident”.

As at di time of filing dis report, di body of Sarafa still dey dangle on di rope he bin use to commit di sucide, as traditional worshippers dsy make arrangements for sacrifice to dey performed before dem go bring am down.

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As at du time also, one police officer from Akanran Division bin dey on ground to make proper documentation of di incident before burial go take place.